So far, we have had no information about the newest Tom Clancy game, The Division, which is obviously making everyone quite curious about it. Most people assumed we had to wait until E3 to get any news on the game, but apparently that is incorrect! Massive Entertainment has released another of their Community Q&As in video format, and answered several questions about it.

The questions were questions everyone was wondering, how does loot work, what separates your player from others, etc. They answered these with quite a lot of detail. There are several varieties of loot in the game, orange being most noticeable and most rare drops. Items of lower rarity are also marked but not as flashy. Apparently, some kills don’t even grant loot.

Setting your character apart is relatively easy as well. There are customizable weapons and alternative skills, and customizable gear. The gear is the big part that will set everyone apart, with chests having three different variants that can be changed: outer layer, middle layer, and bottom layer. So you can change the gear to make the character look more like you, and less like anyone else.

For any more information, we’re going to have to wait until E3. It’s interesting that they released some information now, as a teaser for E3 in a way. They released almost no information, just the two tidbits I talked about plus one about animation that was slightly weird. But, hey, it’s got us talking about it and waiting for more and that’s exactly what they wanted.

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