With the Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS stream over, some new information is released alongside the obvious leaks including what’s to come in Wave 6. The next wave of Amiibo will be R.O.B, Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch, Falco and the three Mii Fighter amiibos.


I’ve been very convinced it’ll be a while until they could pull out Game & Watch especially considering his… dimensions. It also looks like Mr. Game & Watch will have have a changeable part, switching his default with him using a parachute and the accursed ‘9’ hammer. Further, Japan will be getting the Famicom colors while westerners will have to settle for the grey NES that we all know and love. Alongside that, all three variants of the Mii Fighter is a fun addition that I also didn’t expect coming out so soon.


It was also confirmed that Ryu, Roy, Mewtwo and Lucas will be getting an Amiibo later down the line as well. I’m looking forward to whoever wins the Smash ballot as well; since it’s pretty much confirmed, any character in Smash will gain an Amiibo and subsequentally become part of my troop of plastic collectables.

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