No level cap? Fans of slaying endless mythical beasts, rejoice! According to Marcin Momot, community lead at CD Projekt Red has claimed that the newest entry into the cult franchise has “no level cap” in a post on Twitter. (via IGN)

Theoretically, this means that players can now spend endless hours hunting down big bad beasts in pursuit of Geralt’s many abilities, max out all skill trees and truly become a real master Witcher.

However, this poses a different problem. If there is truly no level cap, what happens to the world when players go beyond all that was naturally created for them? Will monsters develop alongside you, despite (according to the official Wikia) not scaling to player levels to account for the high level quests players will encounter? Perhaps new variants wait for the deeply invested player who will continue to play beyond the main story? Speculation, but the issue is very real.



Can you really hunt monsters as Geralt indefinitely if there will eventually be no real challenge to being a Witcher?

In response to this worry for challenge at the end of the game, fans took to Twitter to respond, requesting a New Game Plus mode and complain that there is a lack of content for unlimited levels. One user also directly disputed Mamot’s claims stating that he was “capped at level 70.” Mamot is yet to respond to any further tweets.

Despite above comments, there is hope that the new planned DLC “Hearts of Stone” (Planned for release this October) and “Blood and Wine” (next year) will address this problem in some way – even if the claim of no level cap is untrue, these two packs are said to add another thirty hours of gameplay, and may add extras such as the clearly sought-after New Game Plus mode. For the time being, there is still plenty of time for players to explore the visually stunning world at their own pace and truly explore the extent of Geralt’s abilities.


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