Youtube is going to be covering certain parts of E3 through live streaming this year. In addition to normal E3 coverage of the bigger press conferences that are held by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, it looks like Youtube will also be giving us some sneak peaks at other parts of the convention and talking with other guests that may not be in the lime light.

A lot goes on at E3 and the press conferences that so many tune into watch every year are really only a slice of the convention. Youtube will be bringing us their own version of the coverage in their own show featuring special guests such as The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman as well as the Studio Telltale Games, and Tony Hawk. They are also exclusively revealing the latest upcoming game from the developers from Platinum Games.

Coverage for E3 on Youtube will begin at 12:00pm EST on Monday. There are many E3 Reveal shows to watch on the web, but if Youtube’s grabbed your attention you can watch them live at