A recent gameplay trailer for Allison Road has appeared and has garnered almost one million views in five days. The trailer shows alpha gameplay of the protagonist, waking up with a bad hangover, and wandering through the apartment while hearing whispers, creaking floor boards and leaving the viewer with a distinct feeling of impending doom. Not many clues have been given out to the story, only that the player will have a limited time of five nights to solve the mystery of the haunting.

Developers Lilith have said the trailer is a demo removed from the main game to show off the assets and effects without giving away any kind of spoilers, stating “In order to do that without spoiling any of the story we decided to separate it from the actual game, so while this is real gameplay it’s not what you’ll see in the full version of the game.” The trailer shows a mix between the small, detailed setting of P.T. and the atmospheric wandering of Gone Home.

Lilith included in the YouTube video’s comment section that “At this point pretty much all of our core mechanics are in place, however, some actually didn’t make the cut-off for the video,” and added “Everything you see here is work in progress of course; some of the assets are just stand-ins and stuff like that, however, it was important to us to show you what Allison Road looks like when played.”

There is no release date as of yet and no word as to any other platform release other than PC. More details can be found on the Allison Road Facebook page as well as updates from the developers.



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