According to Microsoft, the announcement of backwards compatibility for the Xbox One has boosted sales and helped Xbox 360 owners make their decision in jumping ship to the current generation system.

Xbox One console sales were up substantially in June 2015, rising by fifty one percent compared to June 2014.  This was boosted even further at E3 to seventy nine percent on the previous year, thanks to the announcement that backwards compatibility would be a big focus for Microsoft on the Xbox One.

Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, seemed to agree with this.  Writing on Twitter he acknowledged the part that the announcement had to play in the increase of sales.

“June was a good month and I think backwards compatibility matters,” he said. “Lots of Xbox 360 owners deciding when to make the jump; (Xbox One backwards compatibility is a) big focus for us.”

Companies such as Ubisoft and Gamestop have spoken posively about the decision to introduce backwards compatibility to the Xbox One.

While the feature is still in testing it should roll out this Autumn for users.  The feature will definitely help sway the minds of undecided Xbox 360 users who worry that their library will become obsolete if they upgrade their console.  Microsoft promise that “hundreds” of games for the 360 will be compatible on the One.  Inevitably though there will be some left behind.

Sony have not announced any plans for backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 4.

Do you think this was a good move?  What games do you want to carry over onto the Xbox One?  Let us know in the comments below.

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