Although early entries were more of a straight-laced dungeon crawler, The Bard’s Tale has turned itself into a series that prides itself on comedy and satire rather than your typical “save the world” plotline, but the latest entry in the series, the kickstarter-funded “The Bard’s Tale IV” takes the cake with its infomercial-style trailer:

“Are you tired of buying supposedly complete computer games just to find that you’ve got to buy a bunch of extra add-ons just to enjoy them? Well, here at inXile we do things differently.”




With its tongue-in-cheek writing, the trailer is reminiscent of the Devolver Digital’s bizarre Serious Sam HD trailer, but with more of a focus on actual features rather than “digital awesome”. Features such as

The game isn’t even close to release, however, and this is just a commercial for the kickstarter for the game, but with its $1,519,680 budget and 33,741 backers (at the time of writing) there are only stretch goals left to reach before the game will go into full development.

InXile has already managed two successful kickstarter campaigns before, with the successful release of “Wasteland 2” and the still in-development “Torment: Tides of Numenera”.

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