There can be no doubt that Destiny is one of the biggest, most successful games in modern gaming, dominating the past year, never really leaving the spotlight for long. That said however, the game’s lead devs still aren’t satisfied.

During a recent interview as part of PlayStation’s new Conversations with Creators series, design director Luke Smith stated, “I actually don’t think there are many, or any, people on the Bungie team who look at Destiny as a job well done. It’s like a job in progress that has a ridiculous amount of work in front of us and huge amount of potential that we haven’t met at all in a bunch of ways,” Smith added. “We’ve met it in other ways, but that potential is the thing we’re still chasing.”

Speaking specifically about the experience of walking through the same area of the game multiple times and seeing the same enemies, Smith explained, “I think we actually have a lot of opportunities for improvement… [That] boots on the ground [experience] is an area we have massive potential for improvement… That’s an area where we want to make the world better. We want to make the world of Destiny much more dynamic and ever changing… That’s a limitation we totally look forward to breaking through.”

Design director Ryan Ellis even added “[We] cry a thousand tears every day about… what could have been, what we’d want to do, what we still want to do.”

As far as hearing fan complaints, Ellis went on to say, “We wish we could, you know, talk directly to people all the time, like ‘Ah you’re so right! We know. We’re working on it.’”

“We’re our own worst critics,” senior environment artist Jason Sussman offered. “Some of the stuff that’s out there, we’re like, we know, we are already, I mean, we are immediately [working on it].”

With all the talk about Destiny’s potential to grow and improve, when asked if they would like to tease players for any of the improvements coming in ‘The Taken King’ fans could speculate about, Smith jumped in saying, “I won’t even leave it to speculation, one of the areas that we will improve on this fall is the fantasy of, you know, how do I get loot.” He went on to explain how the goal is to make it so you get loot from the world, calling the new destination for ‘The Taken King’ a “loot filled fortress.”

Kicking of what is set to be year two of Destiny, The Taken King releases September 15th. What do you think of Destiny still having massive room to improve? Let us know in the comments. And, if you are at all interested in Destiny, from how emotes made it into the game or what influences led to the game we have today,  you can find the full Conversations with Creators episode below.

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