John Smedley, head of the Planetside 2 studio, Daybreak, is infuriated with the recent court ruling in a case against known lizard squad hacker Julius Kivimaki. Kivimaki was charged with over 50,000 different accounts of various cyber crimes, but was not found completely guilty. The hacker had only received a 2 year suspension from using many online services and avoided prison time completely according to the courts.

This lead to a slew of twitter posts by John Smedley stating his stance against and his anger with the ruling as Smedley was one of the direct targets of Kivimaki’s cyber attacks stating that:

“I got to talk to this dirtbag once when he called and pretended to be someone else. I also got to listen to the entire conversation between him and American Airlines the day he called in the bomb threat. His parents need to be held accountable for his actions in addition to his going to jail. @what_security – So I’m coming for you Julius.”

Smedley knows of a few other ways he could take legal action, once again stating that his parents need to be held responsible as well as Kivimaki is only 17 years old. Smedley is not happy but assures people that he will only pursue Kivimaki through strictly legal means

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