Just yesterday, DeeJ left us Guardians with yet another Weekly Update for Destiny. The biggest announcement from the update: new weapons!

It seems like we’ll be getting some new weapons with the upcoming expansion for Bungie’s popular Destiny. This expansion, The Taken King, is said to be the biggest yet for the game – it’ll cost you $40, so hopefully the price will reflect how much content we’ll be getting.

But, about those weapons…there’ll be some new designs and themes for them. According to DeeJ’s post, there will be “Häkke”, “Omolon”, and “Suros” themed weapons, with each theme being a fictional weapons manufacturer. These weapons will all have a unique look, depending on the manufacturer, and bring some much-needed variety to Destiny’s weaponry. The post also says there will be class-specific weapons, so they’re sure to mix some things up a bit.

Check out the Weekly Update here – there’s descriptions of the new weapons being released, as well as some sweet pictures! If you’re planning on entering the Destiny Year One art contest, it’s now live! Check this week’s Weekly Update for info on how to enter your Destiny art.


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