The Destiny community has been pretty vocal about what they want to be put into the game next. Some of the top requests to be put into the game include, Gun Skins, Guardian Facial Hair, Private Crucible Matches, etc.

While Bungie has definitely been paying attention to their forums and their fans, Cozmo, a new Bungie employee, has stated that these requests are not currently on Bungie’s to-do list. DeeJ, reiterated these comments earlier this month by saying, “While we can’t promise that every idea is being worked on, we do want to confirm that you’ve been heard”.

A lot of the community ideas won’t necessarily make Destiny run better, but they could enhance the gaming experience. Players have a small palette to work with when creating their characters and adding facial hair would give players a little more creativity to work with. Gun Skins have been popularized by franchises such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike, and it allows players to add a little more flare to their character. Private Crucible Matches would be most helpful in the major league circuit, where current players have to spend hours searching for their opponents, sometimes without success.

The only wish list item that Bungie has brought about is Weapon Rebalancing. Currently the Crucible is ruled by the likes of Thorn, The Last Word, and Red Death, and Bungie has stated that a weapon update will be put in place just before the next DLC, The Taken King, is available.

The Destiny Community Wish List is updated every week. The current week list can be seen below:

  • Transmogrification
  • Private Crucible Matches
  • Gun Skins
  • Guardian Facial Hair
  • Vault Sorting Options
  • Crucible Map Voting
  • Expanding Faction Interaction
  • Aim Assist Toggle Option
  • Rotating Stock on Tower Vendors
  • Dismantle Consumable Items
  • Additional Matchmaking Options
  • Weapon Rebalancing
  • Material Stack Size Increase
  • Additional Storage/Vault Options
  • Player Trading
  • More Ghost Skins
  • Additional Guardian Customization Options

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