Extra Life, the charity that provides fun treatments for kids and alleviate the crippling pain that is the healthcare system for parents, has partnered up with Ubisoft to provide an amazing promotion. If you donate over $6 to the donation page you’ll get a guaranteed entry into Rainbow Six Siege.

Further, the people who get into the Rainbow Six Siege closed beta will be participating in a competition for the grand prize trip for a trip to LA paid by Ubisoft to show off their skill on the release event which will be streamed. In order to participate, you’ll be prompted to join “The Siege Games” when you enter the closed beta codes; all you have to do then is hit the high score in September during the event.

The closed beta starts on September 24th, 2015; with codes for people who donated to Extra Life arriving around mid July. Upon entering the code you’ll also get a chance to register what platform you want the key to be for.

Further, you can sign up to participate in Extra Life here. Participating entails streaming and promoting for the sake of charity. You can join for free or the platinum service which offers little incentives to push yourself in the fundraising process. You can also opt to be a part of a team or participate individually.

Need a good reason to donate to charity apart from the warming glow that you’re helping less fortunate families? How about scoring a sweet exclusive beta key into Rainbow Six? Sounds great!

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