DotaPit Season 3 is now over; after a long 165 days, the tournament concluded with a finals match between Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses. The winner would take home more than $125,ooo out of the $265,000 prize pool. Cloud9 fought it out with Ninjas in Pyjamas who had made it through the loser round against Team Secret who had pulled out earlier. Eventually beating NiP, they went up against who had lost to Evil Geniuses in the winners bracket. Managing to beat them 3:1, Cloud9 fought in the grand finals of the tournament on the 12th of July.

Despite the astounding successes Cloud9 had accumulated in the losers brackets to reach the grand finals, EG proved too much for Cloud9 as they lost 3:0. The solid team work throughout the 3 rounds  by EG was able to cut them down to size. EG.SumaiL even managed to knock out a rampage in the second round with Queen of Pain; securing the decisive win in the second round.

DotaPit is becoming a bigger tournament steadily with its extensive list of sponsors; and because of this, a larger prize pot and workshop item associated to it, second place Cloud9 will receive over $57,000, Virtus Pro in third will receive over $39,000 and NiP will receive over $21,000.

Hopefully the next season can be reworked to be a bit more strict on schedule so as to not run the risk of having a drawn out tournament again. The plays were very much enjoyable and the coverage was great.

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