The biggest fighting game tournament in the world started hours ago and showcases a varied selection of fighting games alongside intense bouts between competitors as they win the prestige of best in the world. EVO 2015 Champion Series brings in the best in the fighting game community together to fight it out, showing off their talents to the world. The tournament is viewable by both patrons who bought tickets to attend the event in Las Vegas as well as for free on streams such as Twitch. A point of contention has been raging on with some concerning the 30fps stream lock and the 60fps stream being unlocked with a $12 fee.

Whilst watching the streams in 60fps is very much ideal for many people, it stands to reason that 30fps isn’t exactly the worst way to watch EVO. The $12 can be paid through subscribing to the EVO twitch account and it will provide access to all the other streams for the plethora of games that are featured at EVO.

It was made clear that the subscription for 60fps goes directly towards the EVO scholarship that they provide to members of the fighting game community so that they can study game design at the New York University Game Center. These scholarships have been running for the past two years, so it’s not new.

That said, the imposed cap caused quite a stir and divided opinion. I honestly couldn’t care much about the HD stream, I’d rather put in a $12 donation towards the scholarship to provide someone else with a chance to succeed in their life.


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