Following yesterday’s announcement of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s upcoming New Games Plus mode, developer CDProjektRED have shared some more details about what players can expect from it.


In response to a barrage of questions in The Witcher 3’s forums, community manager Marcin Momot shared some new insight.

Among the details of his response, he confirms enemies will (of course) be stronger, and that player experience and items will carry over to your next playthrough.

Momot’s full responses are below:

  • Enemies will be stronger.
  • Player experience will carry over, and if you’re below level 30 when finishing the vanilla game, you will be bumped to level 30 for the start of NG+. Items (excluding: quest items, books & letters, Gwent cards, usable items, trophies) and alchemy recipes will also carry over.
  • When starting New Game Plus you can select any difficulty.
  • You can obtain the Death March achievement/trophy in NG+.
  • If above level 30, your level will stay the same, otherwise players below will start at level 30. You’ll also get a free Clearing Potion at the start so you can reset your skills and try a different build.

New Game Plus is the sixteenth and final free DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, previous add-ons included new armour, weapons and quests. A release date for New Game Plus has yet to be announced, but it won’t be this week.

The first of two paid expansions for The Witcher 3, Hearts of Stone will be released in October, and may see the return of a character from The Witcher 3.

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