In a recent interview with PixelDynamo, Turn 10 Studios’ Creative Director, Bill Geise, revealed a new mod system that will add difficulty levels you can customize.

PixelDynamo described a modifier that Geise showed off, putting you at the back of the grid for the race and you have to work your way up to 1st place each time. The payouts will be bigger, but it isn’t meant for new Forza players.

Turn 10 Studios also described how the raining and night driving system will work in Forza 6. They went as far as to study Hydroplaning(or Aquaplaning), to make sure the handling would be challenging during the rain, as you would find in real life.

The Forza series has always presented as a realistic racing simulator, and it appears Forza 6 will continue to be true to the nature of the series. Forza 6 releases for the Xbox One on September 16th, 2015.

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