Having released Persona 4: Dancing All Night over in Japan last month; Atlus is feeling on top of the world with the success it has been receiving. So much so that they want to give even more. What else can you do but give the fans of what they want and throw in Japanese animated diva icon Hatsune Miku into the mix? Yes, in mid-August, she will be a playable character for the song “Heaven” which will be the song with the name title from Persona 4 but remixed and sung by Hatsune Miku.


Given the Persona art style treatment, Hatsune has doned some stylish clothings but still retains her iconic look with her azure sky blue hair in those adorable twin-tails!

The song Heaven is a beautiful lyrical score from the Persona 4 soundtrack that played during an integral part of the story. It’s going to be refreshing to hearing a remix take on it. For those who haven’t gotten around to hearing it before, here it is!

Persona  4: Dancing All Night will be available in the US on the 29th of September on the PlayStation Vita.

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