Working together with Digital Devolver, Tendershoot and A Jolly Corpse have come up with a cute story of a clown going through the worlds at great lengths in order to find redemption for his past misdeeds. Dropsy the Clown will have to traverse his world to help those in dire needs and uncover dark secrets, all the while giving out hugs and affection for all creatures. The game is out right now and the launch trailer above celebrates the coming of age story for Dropsy.

The game had gone through Kickstarter which was met with huge success, nearly doubling its initial goal back in November of 2013.

Dropsy is a point & click adventure game. You’ll be facing various interactions with many of the colorful cast of characters as you discover the world. By interactions, you won’t be hearing a lick of vocal or textual dialogue. Everything said or portrayed is voiced with imagery and symbols. As a nature of a point & click title, Dropsy will have a plethora of puzzles to go through in order to achieve his goal of redemption and hugs. Each adventure of redemption can be approached whenever you want and thus, there’s no set path; effectively creating an open world to set the path to redemption.

Dropsy is available on GOG, Steam or even from the site for $9.99. There’s a 10% discount right now so if this charming tune has plucked at your strings, you can have Dropsy’s hugs give you even more comfort for slightly cheaper.

Oh and you can pick up that infectiously cute melody here.

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