I remember that Summer fondly as I played through Final Fantasy X and how much I loathed playing Blitzball until I reached the stage where I could recruit the Al Behd players on my team and utterly decimate the ingame minigame. Honestly, the simple sports minigame imbedded inside the world of Spira was such an interesting and intuitive game that while could use even more content to flesh it out, was perfectly fine and fun in the game. I’m not the only one who thought that the Blitzball minigame was great as a fair handful of indie developers have come together to work on a fan made online Blitzball game.

The team; calling themselves Razing Bird, have been working on this project since February of last year and have made quite a bit of progress considering this project has been done casually. While the last update on their site was an update to the stadium; a facebook post on the official page has broken the ice and let people know they’re still working on it.

Currently, the game isn’t anywhere near complete, however, there is various types of information to check out on the site as well as planned content. The races included will be humans/Al Behds, Ronso, Guado and Hypello; all races that exist and live in the world of Spira. There are also stats and attributes for each race. I’m looking forward to watching the growth of this little project, and very excited to get to do some Jecht Shots all over again!

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