Early this week, Riot launched their Bilgewater update for League of Legends. The patch features two new champion reworks, summoner icons, ward skins, custom music, a new ARAM map, and several pirate-themed skins.

One of the most exciting features in the Bilgewater update is the Gangplank rework. Now Gangplank is champion who was created when the game was still young so as expected, he felt outdated. The new update brings Gangplank into the current meta with stronger skills, an updated model, and new in-game effects. attached below is his champion spotlight so you can see all the changes.

Another cool aspect of the Bilgewater update is all the new skins. Riot released several champion skins, including Rouge Admiral Garen, Sea Hunter Aatrox, Cutpurse Twisted Fate, and Cutthroat Graves. A pirate skin for Quinn was announced as well, but it is unavailable for now. Also, riot released a variety of pirate ward skins and skin bundles for players who want to show off their support for Bilgewater.

As mentioned above, the ARAM map got a makeover too. The map now features lush green bushes, pirate music, and new textures that resemble a pirate hideout. It’s a great change from the original frozen map. Plus, players can unlock exclusive Bilgewater icons if they earn achievements during ARAM matches.

While this article discussed the major updates, there are still several changed that did not get discussed. For more information and a complete list of changes, head over the League of Legend’s website.


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