The Mega Man styled platformer, Mighty No. 9 is getting its own movie!

Legendary Pictures is developing a live-action Mighty No. 9 movie along with  Contradiction Films and the creator of the game, Keiji Inafune will be working with the film studios as well.

“This collaboration will give our creation the ability to reach people all over the world. Thanks to all of your support, we have fulfilled another one of our dreams.” Inafune said to the fans.

This isn’t Inafune’s first game that will also be a movie, he is also the creator of the game Dead Rising, which was also turned into a movie.

Like Dead Rising, the Mighty No. 9 will be produced exclusively for digital platforms.

So, are you Mighty No. 9 fans ready for this movie? Let us know your opinions about this in the comments below!

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