A new trailer has surfaced for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, showing an alternate way of dealing with the previous E3 gameplay demo.

The gameplay demo, which you can watch in full below, shows Snake in his attempts to take out a Spetsnaz commander, complete with Japanese commentator explaining the action as it happens.

Some of the highlights of this trailer include Quiet, one of Snake’s buddies that can be summoned in at any time, box sleddinghorse action, and most excitingly a full-blown rocket punch which the Japanese voice-over emphatically yells as Snake fires his left arm off.

Hideo Kojima had previously said that Konami would be releasing a video showing “a different way of infiltration”, and it’s good to see that Metal Gear’s quirky sense of campy humor and plenitude of unusual gameplay options have remained more or less intact, even in a game with such an ostensibly serious plot as Metal Gear Solid V.


The gameplay demo is now available in English:

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