Nintendo has now commented on the recent report from Unseen64 that claimed Nintendo will no longer publish the Wii U exclusive, Devil’s Third; while at the same time not commenting on whether or not Nintendo of America will actually be publishing the game.

In a statement that was released on Twitter, Nintendo mentioned Devil’s Third and confirmed that it was still coming for the Wii U while also revealing they had new information to share soon.

It wasn’t much of a comment but hopefully the information Nintendo plans to reveal will confirm or deny the report which is causing so much concern for Devil’s Third.

Earlier this week on Friday the games designer Tomonobu Itagaki also responded to the report by saying “Guys, which do you believe me or such site? The world brims over with lies and rumors.”. He also did not mention whether or not Nintendo of America still had any involvement with the game.

Last month Valhalla Game Studios announced that Devil’s Third would be released at the end of August for Europe however a release date for North America has still not been announced.

Devil’s Third is an upcoming Wii U game from Valhalla Game Studios; the action game is a hack and slash shooter game and is exclusive for the Wii U. The game is being published by Nintendo for the European release of the game.

Devil’s Third is currently due for release in August; the 28th for Europeans and on the 29th for Australians.

Should it be announced that Nintendo of America will not publish Devil’s Third then it’s possible that another company will step in to help bring the game to the hopeful North American fans. It’s currently uncertain whether or not Devil’s Third will even be released this year for North America with the current issues surrounding the publishing of the game for that region.

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