According to Gamespot, as of 4:22 PDT all services have been brought back online.

The Playstation Network remains as unreliable as ever, the difference is Playstation 4 users are now paying to play online.

The Playstation Network has free online multiplayer for the Playstation 3 and PS Vita, but with the newest generation you must be subscribed to Playstation Plus+ to play almost all multiplayer games online.

Playstation Network experiences its fair share of extended down times. With the most memorable downtime in recent history being DDOS attacks by the Lizard Squad(that attacked both Xbox Live and Playstation Network).
But, who could forget 2011 great Playstation Network outage? The network was down for a grand total of 23 days when it happened.

That doesn’t excuse Sony for the recent unexpected downtimes, both last week and today, especially with many of the online services now being a premium.

The Playstation Network was officially recognized as down at around 10:30 PDT, but it was reported on much earlier in the morning by many users.  Playstation also sent out a tweet this morning.



Thankfully, today the only effected services were the store and gaming/social aspects. A number of games had difficulty launching, but the Playstation Network team worked diligently to bring the servers back up in a timely manner.

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