Hope for a HD remake of Resident Evil 2 could be brighter than ever as Capcom may be giving consideration to the idea.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, who produced the Resident Evil HD remaster, wrote on Facebook that he had pitched the idea for the game to his boss.

While it’s unclear how the meeting between the two went, but the image below has been shared through Capcom’s own social channels is a good sign.


The title refers to the Japanese title of Resident Evil, as the game was originally called “Biohazard”.

According to Hirabayashi he started bringing together ideas for Resident Evil 2 HD not long after he finished the first remastering.

The idea of a remastering of the second game is not such a bad concept.  In 2012 Hirabayashi said that a remake of Resident Evil would be possible if the fans demanded it.  Three years later the game has sold over one million copies, and Capcom have said they are planning more remasters.

Does another remastering get you excited?  What do you want to see from a HD remaster?  Let us know in the comments below.


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