Pysonix’s Dave Hagewood has commented on the future of Rocket League, saying ‘There are not going to be power-ups added to the game’ the confusion was initiated when he stated that power-ups could be a possibility, however he has clarified the confusion and it looks like we are not going to be getting any power-ups or weapons.

The reason for this is due to the fact the developers feel that they have a formula in which allows the game to work well, and be uniquely fun. On top of this, it was added that the game can be improved without having to change the games core mechanics.

This is evident because the release of Rocket League was not the best, with numerous issues revolving around matchmaking, the game still managed to have a concurrent player record of 179,000 players. Reinforcing the ideology that the formula works, the players are a fan and so there is no need to make drastic changes the the core mechanics of the game.

For those who were hoping that guns would be implemented so they can add another level of fun into the game, Hagewood did explain on Reddit that That answer may have been based on the possibility of adding mutators that allow private matches to change things up for a single match just to mix things up but absolutely not for regular gameplay.” So it is possible that things as such will be added to the game solely in private matches to spice things up.

So, are you happy or disappointed at the decision that Pysonix’s have made? Would you like to of see cars armed up with guns, or do you think they have the perfect game and there is no need to change it? Let us know what you think.

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