rocket-league-utopia-coliseum-1024x576Rocket League, the amazingly fun vehicle-based soccer game, will be receiving a new free map.

The map, ‘Utopia Coliseum,’ was teased on Rocket League’s official twitter page. The twitter account states, “You’ve been asking us about the first FREE map (Utopia Coliseum) that’s coming out in a few weeks. Here’s a peek!” (Picture of the map is located above.)

‘Utopia Coliseum’ is beautiful, and looks vastly different than the other maps.  The coliseum really does look like a utopia.  This map is incredibly detailed. Some things that can be noted are:  the car sculptures, the water fountains, the plant life, the arches, the seating area, and the beautiful grass pattern on the field.

Psyonix’s ‘Utopia Coliseum’ was inspired by the ‘Utopia’ map in Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-CarsRocket League’s predecessor.


Rocket League has been downloaded over 4 million times between both the PC and the PS4. They also have cross-platform multiplayer with each other.

The game is loved by many people because of its fun and interesting gameplay; furthermore, Rocket League has drawn in gamers because of its four player split-screen online and offline gameplay.  At most eight players can play on one map, which becomes a little chaotic, as the chaos mode (4vs.4) would suggest.

Psyonix is also working on creating new cars for dlc.  One of the cars will be Sweet Tooth’s vehicle from Twisted Metal, which sounds pretty cool.

sweet tooth

It’s always nice to see a game getting free dlc because people love free. Hopefully, Psyonix will continue to release more free dlc.

‘Utopia Coliseum’ will be a great addition to Rocket League’s other maps, and I can’t wait to experience the map myself.




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