Signature.Trust have managed to win the Corsair Arena #5 by winning all of their games.  Most notably the team were able to win 2-0 against Underminer in the final to go undefeated and claim the $1500 grand prize.

Signature.Trust were the odds on favorite to win the competition, with the odds usually giving them a 70% chance or higher of winning.  While their opponents, Underminer, were underdogs to make it to the final because of their second round match up with TnC.  The betting odds for this match were 60-40% in favour of TnC.

MSI.EvoGT performed very poorly, despite boasting three ex-Rave players.  They faced up against Arcanys in the first round of the competition.  Although Arcanys have much less competitive experience, they were able to win the match.  It is hard to make any assumptions about MSI.EvoGT’s form based off of this however, as the tournament uses a best of one structure.



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