After being refused numerous times, TI5 participants Sonneiko and CeMaTSlayeR have managed to successfully receive their visas as confirmed on twitter. After lodging his 4th interview attempt with the offices,  the fears that Na’Vi would be severely handicapped or even miss out for The International has been eased as Sonneiko walks out with his visa in hand.

Meanwhile, CeMaTSlayeR, another player being hit with the visa block, managed to break through for Vega Squadron. Being the captain for the team, it is imperative that he made it through. Fellow teammate Alexei ‘Solo’ Berezin confirmed that the last member, Semion ‘CeMaTSlayeR’ Krivulya has successfully gained his visa and the team will be making their way to The International 5 in August.

The whole mess around Visa is insane considering how big eSports is in this day and age. Hopefully, this will create a precedence for change so that eSports competitors will be recognized as competitors as they go across country. Congratulations to CeMaTSlayeR and Sonneiko and I’ll be rooting for both teams during the tournament!

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