As we all know, Splatoon is for babies Splatoon is a game aimed at younger gaming fans, which is why some of the sounds it has been making seem rather out of place.

Found in some of Splatoon’s boss levels are some rather spooky, disturbing sounds that do not really fit with the tone of the game. However, when Tsubasa Sakaguchi – director of Splatoon – was asked what was going on he had this to say:

“It’s the first time I’ve heard this!” Sakaguchi claimed. “I was the one who was in charge of the mechanics and the effects for the final boss. Towards the end, though, I was running out of time so I was asking the staff around me to do things for me—like the staff credits and many other things.

However, Sakaguchi does think there are a couple of possibilities.

“Maybe it’s a curse from those other staff. The final boss was one of the last things that we were working on. We were all high on adrenaline. Maybe there’s some element of that in there, of that energy in there. Once I go back to Japan, I’ll play it and have a look.”

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