According to Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas over at Capcom, the Street Fighter V PS4 beta servers will be coming online tonight between 9-1 PST only in United States.

The team has been fighting unannounced netcode errors on their part which cropped up the first day of testing, but have seemingly gotten it somewhat under control to a still unknown extent.

At the beginning of the hour Rosas posted, “We are going to try and get things working tonight, however, to set expectations, currently things are still not as functional we like. We might be able to get some fixes and some matches in tonight, we might not, so probably not a good time to throw your SFV Beta party just yet.”

However, shortly after this he updated with, “Servers are up and we are slowly letting in more and more players. Please be patient if you don’t get in initially as it may take a few minutes to get to you.” This was quickly followed by, “We have successfully located one of the issues on our servers and will be restarting them shortly. Thank you for your continued patience.”

I have received no conformation from any PS4 beta players yet if they are officially back online or not.

The reason Rosas gives that the servers are coming back online only in America is it will “reduce the strain on the servers, and provide a better work environment to fix the problem.” Once they get things running sufficiently well, they will spread out to the rest of the world.

Fighters, get ready for the next round!

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