In yesterday’s Weekly Reset post, I mentioned the return of the Iron Banner this week in Destiny. This Crucible event call for Guardians to put forth their best efforts to obtain special Iron Banner gear and recognition. Lord Saladin, the Iron Banner vendor, is in the Tower with new gear and equipment – if you plan on purchasing any after leveling up your Iron Banner reputation, be sure to have plenty of Glimmer. Let’s see what he has.

In terms of armor, Lord Saladin is offering two types of helmets and chest armor, depending on whether you’d like to increase the Intellect, Strength, or Discipline level of your Guardian. Each comes with a different set of perks, has 36 Light, and cost 5000 Glimmer.

As for weapons, there’s two to choose from. The first is a sniper rifle, the Efrideet’s Spear, which has a fairly low rate of fire and decent impact rating. The second weapon, Timur’s Lash, is a hand cannon that, again, has a low rate of fire with a high impact rating. Both weapons come with a 331 Attack rating, and can be re-rolled at the Gunsmith to get the perks you want. They’ll set you back 7000 Glimmer.

Lord Saladin is also carrying 2 shaders and two emblems at 1000 Glimmer each, and a class-specific item for 2000 Glimmer. He even has that elusive Etheric light for 5000 Glimmer, but you need to be level 3 in Iron Banner rep to purchase it.

If you plan on participating in the Iron Banner to get any of this gear, you should probably invest in the reputation buff Lord Saladin offers. It’ll help you boost your reputation faster than without it. You should also do a few bounties while playing to get even more rep.

Good luck, Guardians!



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