Sony has announced a new Destiny PS4 bundle that’ll be released later this year. You might remember the previous Destiny PS4 bundle from when the game was released last September, coming with a special white PS4 system and controller. This new bundle has another white color scheme, but it looks way cooler.

The PS4 system included in the bundle is very special, indeed: its a white system with the Guardian’s crest over a galaxy map (similar to the render on the map when looking for a destination while playing), and the Destiny logo at the top. The bundle also comes with the Legendary Edition of Destiny, meaning it has all of the previous DLC, the upcoming Taken King expansion, and lot’s of in-game goodies for your Guardian. This is not to be confused with the Collector’s Edition, which comes with a lot of physical collectibles for you. If you want the Collector’s Edition, you’ve got to head to GameStop and cough up $79.99.

This Destiny Taken King PS4 bundle is set to release in September alongside the Taken King expansion. If you fancy this bundle, keep an eye out for the price – there has been no announcement regarding how much it’ll cost, but start saving your pennies now. For more Destiny news and updates, keep it here at Gamespresso.

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