Rock Band 4 was a surprise for most of us, as the instrument wielding genre appeared to be over. After the milking known as one too many versions of both Rock Band and Guitar Hero, who could blame anyone you for assuming that?

Fallout 4 is lending a hand to the popular franchise, though, by including free Vault 111 outfits for your in game rocker. You can get the free Vault 111 outfit by going to the Rock Band 4 store and downloading the free outfits.

This is the first Rock Band ‘main game’ since 2010, with the last release being Rock Band 3. A spin off was released back in 2012, Rock Band Blitz. Rock Band 4 is the first game of the franchise available for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and it is unclear whether Harmonix wants to make a Rock Band 5 or simply continue updating Rock Band 4.


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