The Weekly Reset has passed for Destiny, so that means a new set of challenges to face. New Nightfall and Heroic strikes are now available, as well as change-ups in the level 32 and 34 Prison of Elders arenas.

Firstly, the Iron Banner is making it’s return this week at 10 AM Eastern/1 PM Pacific time. As many of you Guardians know, this is a competitive Crucible event with the level advantages enabled. If you plan on competing, be sure to put on your best gear!

As for strikes, both the Nightfall and Heroic strikes are very Fallen-themed. The Weekly Heroic strike pits you against the Fallen House of Winter and an Archon Priest on Venus. The Heroic and Juggler modifiers are active for this one, so make sure to switch up what weapon you’re using often (and stock up on a few ammo synths). It would also be a nice idea to have both Void and Arc-damage weapons, since you encounter a lot of Vex before reaching the final boss.

The Nightfall strike takes you to the Moon to battle Tanniks, the Scarred and a band of Fallen Wolves in his ketch. For this one, the Nightfall, Epic, Juggler, Arc burn, and Brawler modifiers are all active. Having a few Arc weapons handy is probably the best route, but be wary of how much damage you take: the Fallen use Arc weapons as well. Since Juggler is also active, try to conserve as much ammo as you can – you can do this by using Brawler to your advantage and finishing of a hurt enemy with a quick smack or two.

As for Prison of Elders, the level 32 arena will pit you against Valus Trau’ug and the Cabal. Since this boss develops an Arc, Solar, or Void shield, its best to have at least one weapon of each type (or, coordinate with your fireteam and have one player carry only one type of elemental weapon). The level 34 arena pits you against the Hive Flame Prince Urrox. This oversized Knight can be a challenge with the Ogres and Wizards that don’t seem to let up, so try to stay alive and mobile.

Of course, you can always have more chances at gear by running the Vault of Glass or Crota’s End raids. Either way, those are your challenges for this week. Good luck to you, Guardians!

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