Yesterday Cup #1 of the World of Warcraft Arena Tournament qualifiers got the ball rolling on this year’s road to Blizzcon and the grand finals. With fantastic coverage produced in partnership with the guys over at GCDTV on the Twitch channel we saw some thrilling action and some of the best Warcraft players in the world going head to head last night. And that’s only the beginning!

The round of 8 saw Shake It Off vs knee how, GOML vs Is Butter A Carb, Luminosity vs Tony Del Bronx and Tempo Storm vs Heads up all competing for the 1 spot in the next round. Shake It Off and Is Butter A Carb saw off their opponents whilst Luminosity caught a break with a disconnect against Tony Del Bronx to go 1 – 0 up and then dominated in the next game to make it 2 – 0 and Hands Up defeated Tempo Storm in a fantastic edge of your seat match. The semi finals were equally as entertaining with Is Butter A Carb getting the 3 – 2 victory of Shake It Off and Luminosity looking unbeatable in their 3 – 0 victory over Hands Up who deserved more from their performances. The final was a best of 7 and Luminosity were unable to break down Is Butter A Carb who took the series 4 games to 2. Altogether a fantastic qualifier and a great sign of what is to come in the rest of the global tournament. You will be able to catch the action over on Twitch here.

That, as I say, is only the beginning though. There is plenty more action as we progress through the tournament and get ever closer to the grand finals at Blizzcon 2015 in November. Next up for the North Americans is Cup #2 on July 28 – August 1 where two teams will qualify and Cup #3 on August 11 – August 15 where 3 teams will qualify all leading towards Blizzcon in November. So be sure to catch it on Twitch or check back with us here at Gamespresso for results.

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