ZombiU, the Wii U exclusive zombie game from Ubisoft has apparently been rated on the Taiwanese rating boards for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This suggests a possible re-release for the other systems.

Twitter user lifelower found the rating and box art on the Taiwanese website. The website calls the game simply “Zombi” implying that the U refers to the system it was on. This news comes a month after the game received a rating from the Australian classification board last month.

This gives strength to the rumors of the other console releases, and so does comments from the Ubisoft CEO. CEO Yves Guillemont, stated in 2013 that the game was not profitable for the company, and plans for a sequel were also reportedly canceled after poor performance.

Considering that critics received the game well, as well as the concept being popular at this time it would make sense that Ubisoft would port it to the other systems to make more money off the system. It isn’t official yet, but it sounds like an official announcement is coming soon.

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