It’s the game everyone is talking about and (one of) the consoles everyone wants to know about: how could the more powerful PlayStation 4 Neo change No Man’s Sky?

According to Hello Games’ Sean Murray, the power behind a machine such as the Neo could “fundamentally change the experience” of the studio’s space-exploration game.

“If you play another game and if they do a remaster of that game, what they will do is up-res the textures and things like that,” Murray explained. “That’s because the base geometry, the base shape of the world, the way of playing is totally like lost, basically. Hundreds of people have worked on it thousands of hours to create what you see.”

“For our game (No Man’s Sky), it’s procedurally generated. So more powerful hardware doesn’t just mean upgraded textures or a higher framerate. It means we can fundamentally change the experience. With more powerful hardware, we can have more trees, more leafs on those trees,” Murray added. “The density or immersion of worlds, or new types of worlds could exist.”

While Murray isn’t speaking directly about the Neo, it’s unlikely that it would be possible as much of the rumors behind the Neo have stated that Sony demands every game must not run fundamentally different on either the PS4 or the Neo.

A Sony event has been confirmed for September 7th, where many believe the new PlayStation 4 will finally be officially revealed.

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