There won’t be any new DLC this week, but developer CDProjektRED still have some exciting new to share today about The Witcher 3’s final free add-on.

After much appeal from fans, New Game Plus is coming to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. When it will launch or what it will include is currently unknown, but you can check out a teaser image below.


With New Game Plus being the final piece of free DLC, past offering including new armour and quests, CDProjektRED have proved themselves a fantastically generous developer, and looking to the future, the games paid expansions look to add even more quality content.

New Game Plus modes vary from game to game, but typically allow players, once they complete the game, to restart, whilst maintaining their gear and upgrades, so look forward to fighting tougher enemies, looting more powerful armour and weapons and unlocking the full potential of Geralt’s skill tree.

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