Firaxis has revealed that in XCOM 2 every map will be different because of the procedurally generated maps. This means the maps will be randomly assembled in an orderly way every time you play a map. There is a very unlikely chance that one person will ever play the same exact map.

In XCOM 2 the alien threat (from the previous title) has succeeded in subjugating earth. This is quite different from what happened at the end of the previous game, but I’m sure Firaxis had an excellent reason for doing so. The gamer plays as the XCOM Squad, and must reclaim earth for humanity.

XCOM 2 will be a turn based strategy game, much like the previous game. The combat of the game takes place on a large grid where both you and your enemies maneuver through. The two parties can use the terrain and buildings to each other’s advantage. The XCOM Squad and the aliens must battle with their guns, fists, swords, brains, and more.

The procedurally generated maps will be different for all the environments. The maps are programed so they will always make sense to the players. You won’t stumble upon a gas station in the middle of an alien ship, or find snow in the middle of the desert.

XCOM environment

XCOM Enemy Unknown was limited with only 80 maps to play on. That sounds like a lot, but players will most likely see the same map multiple times in a single playthrough.  So, XCOM 2′s new system of loading maps will be an exciting feature for the gamers to experience.

Not only will every map be different in some way, but so will the enemies.  The enemies and their location will vary every time you play. There are also procedural objectives to be found within some maps. It will be interesting to see how the not so random objectives will change the gameplay of one map to another.

The game’s mod support allows modders to have access to the procedurally generated maps.  The modders can also create their own models, and allow them to even create their own video game titles. Firaxis believes the mod support will be great tool for modders.

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