Tearaway Unfolded is launching alongside a second screen companion app.

The companion app for the game works through the PlayStation App on smartphones and tablets. Additionally, the PlayStation Vita’s second-screen function can also be utilized for the app.

When Tearaway originally appeared on Vita, the game relied heavily on touch screen mechanics, and the new companion app does just that for its move to the PS4. For example, the app works as your cutting mat, allowing you to draw and cut out whatever you find your heart desires throughout your adventure.

If you are using the app on a device with a camera, photos taken can be uploaded into the game’s world. These photos can be used to add various textures to areas throughout the game or even for your character’s appearance, allowing for a fun way to personalize iota or atoi.

While playing the game, your friend could be taking photos that appear in the game for you to edit. Anything that appears on the app, such as shapes, decorations, and photos, will make their way into the game as they float through the air or pop up through the ground.

The app connects directly to tearaway.me, where each player has an individual profile page showing progress made through the game, photos taken, and the list of papercraft models collected.

Tearaway Unfolded launches on PS4 on September 9. Will you be playing the game for the first time or have you played its original Vita version?

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