Angry Birds 2, which was released on July 29, has hit 20 million downloads in just a week. For reference, its predecessor took 9 months to reach this milestone.

Just how many angry birds does this total? Statistics for the game include:

  • 1.4 billion slingshots fired
  • 300 million levels beaten
  • 350 million instances of maxing out the Destruct-O-Meter

So why did this game take flight so fast? Finnish developer Rovio Entertainment’s Alex Lambeek had this to say: “While Angry Birds 2 is off to a great start around the world, including key markets in the Americas and Europe, in China we are gaining a new foothold and seeing remarkable fruits of our well-functioning partnership with Kunlun.” Lambeek, whose name is wonderfully punny, attributes their success to a new group of Chinese gamers that are just now discovering the addicting handheld game. He believes that their partnership with Kunlun, an important company in the Chinese gaming industry, has a bright future.

What is different in this version of the app? Well for starters your lives now take hold in the form of cards. These cards can be replenished through filling the Destruct-O-Meter on each level. After your five lives are finished, you can either spend in game currency, wait out the time, or watch a 30 second video to continue playing.

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