ARK Survival Evolved will be washing up on the shores of the Xbox One this Winter, through the Game Preview program.

Players wanting to get their hands on the early build will be able to do so, and play as the game develops thanks to Microsoft’s Game Preview program.  The system is very similar to the “Early Access” model that is currently used on Steam.  The system allows players to purchase and play early builds of the game and experience them as they develop.  The aim of this system is for the community to provide greater feedback, and to get previews of games as they come along.

The game was launched in Steam earlier this year and quickly became one of the top sellers on the marketplace.

ARK Survival Evolved isn’t due for launch on consoles until Summer 2016.

Come and check out the trailer, released by Xbox UK, below.

Are you a fan of ARK?  Do you think that an Early Access model on consoles would work?  Let us know in the comments below.

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