Announced on the official Azure Striker Gunvolt website, Inti Creates has unveiled a planned port of the formerly 3DS title to PC. It is to be sold via Steam and just like the 3DS version, pre-purchase buyers and owners of the game will also obtain a copy of Mighty Gunvolt on the PC. Mighty Gunvolt is the spin-off game featuring Gunvolt, Gal*Gun and Mighty No. 9. This promotion will only be available from the 28th of August to the 28th of September. From then, you can only get the game by buying it separately on Steam.

The PC port boasts a couple of new features from the 3DS counterpart as outlined on the site:

  • You can play the Steam version on two screens just like the original. Screen sizes and layout can be freely adjusted to your liking!
  • Russian language support has been added, making a total of 8 different language settings.
  • For all you speedrunners out there, a brand new Speedrun Mode has been added, with future updates coming soon.
  • Collectors will have a new set of Steam trading cards to add to their collections
  • Play the original Japanese version of the game complete with Japanese voiceovers and mid-stage dialogue with English subtitles!
  • New updates coming every month for the first 6 months!

It’s good to see that there will be updates unlike the 3DS US version which while a complete experience, had some issues that could have done with an update or change.

No price is provided yet, but this article will be updated with the steam page when it goes up.

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