mightyno9Mighty No. 9 was recently delayed from its September 15 release date, so developer Comcept has promised to deliver a trial version to the project’s Kickstarter backers on the previously scheduled release date. Backers previously had access to a beta version of the game, but the forthcoming demo will have updated content.

The trial version will have the complete versions of the opening stage and No. 1, 3, and 5 stages as well as the first six Challenge mode levels. The Kickstarter update explains, “Changes have been made to the content including enemy placement adjustments and an extra layer of polish has been added to the graphics, so even backers who spent time with the beta should also check out this Trial Ver. to see what has changed since then.”

The trial will have full story content and cutscenes as well as added UI features and an 8-bit version of the soundtrack. It will be available for a month through Steam from September 15th and backers will receive download codes “a few days earlier”. Mighty No. 9 is now expected to release in 2016, which has angered many fans. The news of the delay was suspected to be kept under wraps until their other kickstarter project, Red Ash, had finished.

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