What with Call of Duty Black Ops III inevitably being an eSports shooter, a spectator mode is a given in the game. It allows players to analyse what players are doing, where important areas are on the map and to think up strategies and tactics.

In Black Ops III, spectators can bring up equipment widgets. These show the entire weapon and equipment loadout for the player being watched. During a live gameplay match on the Gamescom stage, demonstrators showed how the ability can inform players which items are being used frequently, by whom, at what points on the map. Characters also show outlines for spectators to see them through walls, foreshadowing upcoming player encounters and possible flanking manoeuvres. It gives a much more omniscient feeling to spectator mode, and gives a great sense of the action playing out across the map.

Let us know how you’re planning on playing Black Ops III – are you an avid participant or a passive spectator?

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