Pop star Demi Lovato has her own mobile game – and you can download it right now.

Demi Lovato: Path to Fame comes from developer Pocket Gems in their Episode series as an interactive game that lets you experience what it is like to become a star. The game will show players “what it’s like to be on tour with Demi while chasing their dreams of becoming a famous musician,” according to GameSpot.

Lovato reportedly worked closely alongside the developer for the game.

“I wanted to make sure this story captured my voice perfectly, so I worked in tandem with the Episode team to add authentic touches,” Lovato said in a statement. “As my Lovatics know, it’s very important that my personal experiences come through in everything I do and this story is no different. I think they will really enjoy this exclusive glimpse into my life that they haven’t seen before.”

Fair warning though, difficult choices will have to be made throughout the game, including one that will require players to choose “what they are willing to sacrifice to achieve their dreams.” On a lighter note, players will be able to dress their characters in a variety of styles, with additional bonuses earned for going on dates, attending parties, and other aspects of tour life.

Demi Lovato: Path to Fame is now available for free download on the iTunes Store and on Google Play.

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