Destiny’s next huge expansion, The Taken King, will be out next month and with it comes some big changes. These include a new leveling system, rebalancing of weapons, and most notably, the replacing of Peter Dinklage with Nolan North as the voice of Ghost.

Not only is North voicing Ghost in the expansion, but has re-recorded all Ghost dialogue for the entire game. GameSpot recently discussed this move with Lead Concept Artist, Jesse van Dilk. He explained that the team had a goal to guide players and their missions better than they had before. “Because very often we would find that they were chasing after a gun, or following a specific quest line. What we wanted to do was chart that more clearly, and ultimately that led to something that we call ‘questification.'” This idea of ‘questification’ was brought into all previous content as well. To do this, Ghost would have to take on a more important role and North seemed perfect for the job.

So there you have it. It seemed the team did not think Dinklage was enough of a guiding light in the world of Destiny. Soon we’ll see how players with feel about Nolan North as the voice of Ghost. The Taken King expansion will be released September 15th.

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