Since announcing the production of Dragon Quest XI, Square Enix has thrown out some screenshots of ingame footage. The images were taken from the Japanese site 4gamer who were able to secure these exclusive images in glorious clarity.

The images feature from both the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo 3DS versions of the game are shown. As mentioned earlier, the 3DS version of the game will have have the capability of showing both 2D and 3D styles of the game. The 3D gameplay will be on the top screen with the bottom screen having the same scene play out at the same time in the 2D version which is shown in the footage.

Furthermore, the PlayStation 4 while not having the 3D’s ability to switch game style, its existent game will look absolutely breath taking. The character models will look a lot taller and refined compared to the 3DS’s more rougher polygonal look. The mountains, markets and dungeons looks incredible and very well textured.

That said, both versions of the game look incredible and extremely vibrant. The world for all 3 styles of the game are all very unique and looks like they will appeal to newcomers and veterans. The same familiar monsters are returning to face our protagonist as she faces the perils that aim to destroy her world.

As of now there is no release date or time frame. That said, as mentioned above, Dragon Quest XI will be coming out for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo NX.


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