Player’s of Wargaming’s World Of Warships can currently get their hands on a free American Cruiser.

By heading to the Wargaming store, players can enter the bonus code “ALBANY” when prompted to unlock the Albany-class cruiser and a free port slot.

The Albany is a tier two American premium cruiser, sporting low ranged fire power and poor mobility

The code was first discovered by users on the World of Warships Subreddit. It appears that the code is valid for all regions of the game.

Currently, it is unknown how long the code will work. The code was originally suppose to be released Saturday as a part of the Wargaming anniversary event, but has since been leaked a day early. In celebration of Wargaming’s founding, they’re offering a variety of bonuses in all of their games. This weekend World of Warships players get bonus experience with their ship’s first win of the day.

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